Top 10 Best Desk Lamps for Studying

A desk lamp is undoubtedly a must-have and worthwhile accessory on the desk of any student. This lamp helps students get adequate lighting next to natural light. It provides ample lighting in a room that would otherwise not be well-light, resulting in strain on the eyes and less efficiency.

In other words, choosing the right desk lamp can have a positive effect on your studying and help you enhance your studying habits.

Top 10 Best Desk Lamps for Studying

Here are the top 10 best desk lamps for studying:

  1. TaoTronics Multiple Color Modes
  2. JUKSTG One-Hour Auto Timer
  3. Etekcity Wireless Support
  4. Ominilight Height Adjustable
  5. Wanjiaone360° Arm and Head Rotation
  6. Gerintech Foldable Head
  7. DEEPLITE Battery Operated
  8. TW Lighting Basic Design
  9. Global Electric Spring-Loaded Arm
  10. Joly Joy Memory Function Incorporated

A desk lamp is an asset for those who share their room with others and prefer studying in the late night or early morning hours. Such people will benefit from desk lamps as they will not have to turn on the light in the room and disturb others who may be sleeping.

With a desk lamp, they can adjust the light setting such that they get sufficient lighting on their desk without affecting others. Here is a list of some desk lamps that are best suited for school and/or college students who have to do a lot of studying.

Best Study Desk Lamps for Studying with Sleek and Slim Design

TaoTronics Multiple Color Modes Desk Lamp – Great for Utilizing Less Energy Consumption

This desk lamp has a sleek profile that gives it a classy appearance on your desk. With its rounded base and straight slender neck, the elegant desk lamp features flicker-free LED lighting with 12W power and 410 lumens brightness.

This ensures that your eyes do not get strained even when you have to sit up for long hours. The adjustable design is another key highlight with the base and head offering to tilt and swiveling support to various angles.

The lamp features seven brightness levels and five color modes for you to choose the most optimum light setting. It is integrated with a USB port that allows you to charge your phone as you are studying.

The touchpad controls include an ON/OFF button, a mode switch adjustment, and a brightness adjustment sliding dial. The desk lamp comes with a power adapter in black and white color variants with plain and wood grain finishes.

Has a compact sizeNot possible to replace or remove the bulb
Helps to lower electricity billsTakes time to turn OFF
Integrated USB portShaky light over time
Flexible and adjustable
Available at an affordable price
Multiple color mode and brightness level combinations

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JUKSTG One-Hour Auto Timer Desk Lamp – Great Choice for Multiple Position Adjustments

This desk lamp has a slim profile with a silver color that makes it stand out on any desk. The stylish lamp can be adjusted at one or more points, namely, the base, the arm, and the head.

The base can be swiveled by 90° while the arm can be rotated up to 180°. This ensures that you get the right amount of lighting without having to strain your eyes. The contemporary style lamp uses a flicker-free LED lamp with 400 lumens brightness and 14W brightness.

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The inbuilt USB port allows you to charge other devices such as your phone or tablet when your lamp is ON. The integrated sensitive touch control features four lighting modes and seven brightness settings.

There is also an auto-timer that turns the lamp OFF automatically after it has been in use for an hour. The paint style finish adds charm to this versatile lamp that comes with a power adapter.

Triple adjustment positions for comfortLarge base taking up lots of desk space
Auto timer for one hourFlimsy body and/or arm made of plastic
Dedicated studying mode with cold colorTends to topple over
Easy on the pocket
Spreads light uniformly across the desk

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Best Desk Lamps for Studying with Multiple LED Lights

Etekcity Wireless Support Desk Lamp – Awesome Choice for Portability

This desk lamp is best noted for its 16 flicker-free energy-efficient LED bulbs. This allows you to continue using the lamp even if a couple of bulbs fail for some reason. What makes it interesting is that the lamp offers 256 color options and three brightness levels.

The slender and bendable gooseneck allows you to position the lamp in the direction that helps you get the desired illumination. It has a dedicated nightlight feature.

The lamp has a touch and slide control as well as a USB charging port. The key highlights of this lamp are its portability and wireless functionality. The lightweight feature allows you to take it with you easily wherever you go.

The wireless desk lamp features a 1,000mAh Li-Po battery that can be recharged.  The desk lamp comes in white color and has a dual-colored circular base. It comes along with a cleaning cloth and a USB charging cable.

Has multiple color optionsFast draining of battery
Flexible and easily adjustable gooseneckHard buttons requiring tapping multiple times
Can be used without plugging into an AC outletFlimsy plug or charge port in the base
Easily portable

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Ominilight Height Adjustable Desk Lamp – Excellent for Small Study Tables

This desk lamp has a space-saving design with a swan-like shape. The lamp has a soft board diamond-cut head with a dozen LED beads. These LED beads help in illuminating a large area and offer maximum brightness on small tables.

The 6500K color temperature ensures that the lamp renders the ideal lighting to meet your reading needs. The pyramid-shaped base gives the desk lamp a distinct look.

The lamp features three brightness adjustment levels and a USB charging port. This allows you to position and bends the head at any angle that works best for you.

The LEDs with a lifespan of over 25,000 hours are easy on your eyes when you are reading or writing for long hours. The lamp has a color rendering index of more than 80Ra.

The lampshade and holder are made of ABS while the rod is made of iron with a silicon covering. The desk lamp comes in four color variants along with an adapter and its cord.

Ambient lighting for strain-free eyesLong flickering LEDs
Simple and elegant designTurns ON automatically from the OFF position
A sturdy and aggravated base that prevents accidental topplingVery tiny ON/OFF switch
360° adjustable gooseneck
Illuminates a large area

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Best Desk Lamps for Studying with Digital Clock

Wanjiaone360° Arm and Head Rotation Desk Lamp – Beautiful Colorful Lighting

This desk lamp does much more than just meeting your lighting requirements. This lamp features LED lighting with 10W power, a 256-color changing base and three levels of brightness using the ON/OFF button.

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The soft light effect ensures that your eyes remain protected without any strain or fatigue. The 360° adjustment of the arm and head allow you to place the lamp at any angle that works right for you.

The USB charging port ensures that you don’t have to look out for an additional socket to charge your phone or power bank when your lamp is plugged in.

The gooseneck design desk lamp has an LCD screen that displays the clock and calendar. This screen can be turned OFF using the ON/OFF switch if needed.

Apart from this, the lamp features a pencil holder to hold all your stationery. The white colored ABS lamp with a painted finish comes with a fitted cord and adapter and a battery for the LCD display.

A pencil holder for easy access to stationaryVery difficult to set the clock
Multipurpose with inbuilt calendar and clockAlarm controls not accessible easily
Crystal clear LCD displayOccasionally malfunctioning USB port
Easy to adjust the brightness level

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Gerintech Foldable Head Desk Lamp – Good Choice for Eye-Care

This desk lamp has a foldable head that makes it easy to keep by when not in use. The lamp also has a compact design with 340° stable axis rotation and a 90° adjustable arm to set the lamp according to your preference.

The black-colored arm and shade with the white and color adjustable circular base will give the lamp a distinct look on your study table. There are three light modes with three brightness adjustment levels for each of these modes. The desired light mode can be set by just touching the sensor panel.

The lighting is made up of 27 LED beads with a luminous flux of 350 lumens. The spectrum ring on the base can be set from among 256 hues.

The lamp houses a USB charging port and a 3-in-1 LCD that displays the temperature of the room, an alarm clock, and a calendar. The LED beads have a diffuser over them to avoid glare on your monitor or while you are reading.

Single-button touch for multiple functionsBase too big for small desks
CR index of over 80Cannot be rotated sideways
Foldable arm for saving space
Distinct look because of color-changing base

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Best Desk Lamps for Studying with Foldable Design

DEEPLITE Battery Operated Desk Lamp – Incredible Budget Option

 This desk lamp has a cordless design and is powered by a 1,800mAh rechargeable battery. The head of this lamp features 18 LED beads. The gooseneck offers 360° flexibility for setting it up whichever way you feel comfortable.

The foldability aspect helps you take the lamp with you when you travel and it won’t take up much space.  The lamp supports touch-sensitive control with three-level adjustable brightness.

The energy-efficient LEDs have 5W power and 400 lumens brightness. The flicker-free operation ensures eye care as well as eye protection from fatigue.

The lamp must be charged when the light begins to appear dim and should be recharged often to maximize the battery life if it is not used often. It can be used and charged at the same time.

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The light has a color temperature of 6000K to 6500K. The ABS plastic white colored desk lamp comes with a USB cable, an operating manual and is backed up by a one-year warranty.

Great degree of flexibilitySlightly heavy at the top
Foldable and compact designLoses brightness very fast
No hassle of cord tangleFlimsy design with a very light base
Comes with an affordable price tag
Offers direct focused light over the desk

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TW Lighting Basic Design Desk Lamp – Very Easy to Use

This desk lamp has a basic design with a modern build that makes it easy to use by people of all age groups. The lighting is achieved with multiple LED beads that have seven watts of power and a luminous flux of 500 lumens.

The lamp features a three-level dimmer that allows you to choose among low, medium, and high levels of brightness depending on the task performed. The lightweight lamp has a highly flexible neck that allows you to keep it at any desired angle.

The lamp has a CRI of more than 80 and helps to save electricity up to 65%. It comes with a 6-foot long power cord that allows you to connect to a socket that is at a distance from your study table.

The inbuilt USB port is handy for charging cellphones and tablets. The power button is located at a convenient location on the base. The desk lamp is available in white and pink, black and blue colors with a painted finish.

Rotatable and adjustable neckIntended only for indoor use
UL Listed and Energy Star ratingTendency of wire to slip out of USB port
Takes up less desk space
Very versatile and flexible

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Best Desk Lamps for Studying with Clamping Action

Global Electric Spring-Loaded ArmDesk Lamp – Great Choice for Variable Mounting

This desk lamp features a spring-loaded arm for easy adjustment. The arm can be adjusted to focus the light directly on the desired spot. The lamp uses a medium base 6W halogen light source.

The ON/OFF switch is conveniently located above the lampshade for easy access. The metal clamp allows you to fix the lamp on both vertical and horizontal surfaces with a maximum thickness of 5cm. The lamp features a traditional globe style lampshade.

The metal body ensures the durability and ruggedness of the lamp while the glossy black finish gives it a classy look. The rotator switch adds to the ease of use.

The lamp can be assembled in a minimum time. The desk lamp comes fitted with a 6-foot long cord that allows you to plug it into a table far away from your desk.

Simple and easy to assembleBulb not available with lamp
Long cord to connect to socketUses halogen lamp instead of LED lighting
Clamping action for sturdinessScratches likely on the desk because of the clamp
Stylish appearance because of the metallic black color
ON/OFF switch conveniently located at the top
Minimal space on the study desk

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Joly Joy Memory Function Incorporated Desk Lamp – Perfect if You’re Looking for Stepless Dimming

This desk lamp has an architect style flexible and long swing arm coupled with a three-point adjustable swiveled shade. The clamping action offers the advantage of not only saving desk space but also the ability to mount it on any surface in any orientation.

The sleek and long lampshade is fitted with 98 eye-care adjustable LEDs of high efficiency. The lamp has three color modes for various activities and three adjustable points that allow you to focus light on the desired area easily and quickly.

The lamp can be turned ON/OFF using a touchpad on the arm. It also features a 10/40 minutes timer and a dedicated reading mode. The base can be rotated by 360° while the lamp head can be adjusted by 300°.

The LEDs have a power of 9W, a brightness of 900 lumens and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. The desk lamp is made of aircraft-grade high-quality aluminum and sports a sleek brushed finish.    

Durable because of the metallic bodyNo color options to choose
Memory function to recall the last settingNot possible to change the LEDs
Dedicated reading mode for studying
Can be set at any angle
More than >Ra85 CRI

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Buying Guide

 There are various desk lamps readily available for different activities. Desk lamps for studying are often used by school and college students. When choosing a desk lamp for them, it is vital to ensure that certain features are not overlooked. Some of these features are given below.

LED lighting

It is always a good option to choose desk lamps that support LED lighting. Students will often use the desk lamp for long hours of studying. LED lights are way more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs and can help to make huge savings on electricity bills. Also, their flicker-free nature ensures less strain on the eyes.

Flexibility and versatility

This is one important aspect that must not be overlooked. Students might benefit from using desk lamps that allow the arm and head to be adjusted to different angles. Also, if they have study desks with minimum real estate, it is worth looking at desk lamps with a clamping mechanism.

Multiple functions

Consider desk lamps that have additional features such as a penholder for holding stationery items, calendars, and/or clock. Also, it is worth buying a lamp with a charging USB port that allows smartphones to be charged at the same time.


A desk lamp is a must-have accessory on the desk of anyone who does a lot of studying. They can be a great asset to students who study especially at night. The right desk lamp will help them to study even at night with sufficient lighting without disturbing others in the room.

Desk lamps for studying also often come with various lighting modes and brightness levels so that they can be customized or set according to what best suits the person using them for studying. The best part is that these lamps are often not overly priced and are easy on the pocket.

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