Are Lamps with USB Ports Safe?

Lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes today. With technology rapidly expanding to all parts of our lives, we now also have USB lamps that are not only highly efficient but also add a ton of convenience to our everyday lives.

Ever asked yourself, “Are lamps with USB ports safe”? If so, then the answer is yes, they are very safe to use. This is not to say that nothing bad could ever happen but the chances are extremely slim to the point of being negligible.

To better understand USB lamps, it is important to know what they are and how they are made. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the wonderful world of USB lamps.

What are USB Lamps?

USB lamps are LED lamps that utilize a USB port for charging and therefore are highly efficient when it comes to power consumption. They come in two types; namely the small rechargeable reading lamps and the big ones that need electricity but can charge other devices. The small reading lamps can be charged using any device that has a USB port such as a PC, laptop, car USB docks and even smartphones. It is recommended, however, that you never charge it with non-host USB devices like a printer, a TV or a home theater system. This is because these lamps emit ultraviolet rays as well as infrared heat, which cannot be handled adequately by these devices.

They come in many different types and sizes too such as portable reading lamps, study lamps, table lamps, decorative lamps and more. Do note that not all of these lamps can be powered by devices. Only small portable ones support this. The bigger lamps do need an electrical socket to work but they store the power and can charge other devices like a smartphone or a tablet. Some of the high-end ones even come with wireless charging capabilities. These are costly though as most of them are upwards of $150. However, they do provide you with a lot of convenience and a hands-free experience. They also come in a wide variety of designs ranging from traditional to ultra-modern.

Are Lamps with USB Ports Safe?

Are Lamps with USB Ports Safe

Are lamps with USB ports safe to use in terms of not harming you physically? Absolutely! This doesn’t mean that they cannot bring about any harm though as it is an electrical device at the end of the day. Sometimes, these lamps may get a bit warm but never to the point where they burn your skin. If it does, then you have a faulty product in your hands and must be replaced as soon as possible.

This doesn’t mean that all USB lamps are perfect though. If the driver is of low quality, then it won’t work properly. So before you buy one, make sure it is from a reliable manufacturer that also provides a return or replacement policy as well as any assistance you might need. There are plenty of knock-offs and low-quality lamps in the market today. They might be cheap but they might not give you any value for your money.

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Then there is the question of whether these lamps can end up damaging your PC or laptop if you use them for charging the lamp. In this case too, there shouldn’t be any damage to your computer or laptop as the only consequence it can have is draining the battery (which happens only with the laptop of course). The power consumption is so low that it shouldn’t even make a sizable dent in your laptop’s battery life. Do keep in mind that only small portable reading USB lamps can be charged from other devices. The bigger ones still require an electrical socket.

Can You Charge a Phone or Other Device with a Lamps USB Port?

If your lamp has a USB port, It is fine to charge your phone or other devices with it. The only thing to consider is the power output is usually not much, which means it’s going to take a while to charge your device. If that isn’t an issue, feel free to plug your device into the USB port and see if it begins charging. If it does, you are good to go, if not, then that means it either doesn’t have enough power, or it’s a faulty design.


LED lamps are easily one of the safest lights you can get today. Adding a USB port doesn’t have any consequence on them when it comes to safety, whether it pertains to you or the devices you connect to it. The only thing you need to look out for is the quality of the lamp. Only go for lamps that are made by a reliable manufacturer and one that uses high-quality parts. Before you buy one, always check the specifications to make sure that they will meet your needs and requirements.

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