Can Candles Be Left Outside? How to Stop Them from Melting

Today, people from all over the world use candles not only for illumination but also to set up a fragrant and relaxing atmosphere in their homes. While there are battery or electricity-powered ones, traditional scented candles are used more due to how effective they are. However, like anything that requires fire to function, there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with it.

Ever asked yourself, “Can candles be left outside?”

If so, then the answer is no. You should never leave a candle outside unprotected. If the candle is lit, it’s a fire hazard. If the candle is not lit it can be spoiled by the sun and rain making it useless. If the weather is hot, the candle will melt, and if it’s cold, the candle will crack.

So, how can you properly take care of your candles? To know that, you need to know what the candles are made of and why they might get spoiled without proper care. Let’s dive into the various consequences of not properly taking care of candles and how you can ensure their longevity.

Can Candles Be Left Outside?

No, you shouldn’t leave candles outside. This is true for both lit and unlit candles. When it comes to leaving an unsupervised lit candle outside, there is a huge risk of a nearby flammable object catching fire. This is especially true outside as there might be dry leaves and plants nearby. Alternatively, an insect can accidentally fall into the flame and then carry it to nearby leaves causing them to catch fire. If you have pets or children, they might accidentally knock the candle down even if it is kept in a good quality holder. Even if you kept the candle in a safe place outside, you shouldn’t leave them unsupervised as the risk will always be there.

What about unlit candles then? They surely won’t spontaneously combust into flames. While this is obviously true, keeping an unlit candle outside is pretty much a guaranteed way of getting it damaged or spoiled. The harsh rays from the sun or the rain can spoil the candle and make it completely useless, not to mention outright melt it down. In extremely cold weather, the candle can also end up cracking. Even if it doesn’t get completely damaged, it will still lose its effectiveness. Scented candles aren’t that cheap and so you will end up losing money if you do this.

How to Stop Candles from Melting?

Can Candles Be Left Outside How to Stop Them from Melting

Here are a few ways in which you can prevent your candles from melting outside.

1) UV Light Absorbers – These are designed to act as a sort of sunscreen for candles and can prevent them from fading out when kept under the sun. The amount you need to use will depend on various factors but generally, 45 grams of UVLA per 100 grams of candle wax is a good ratio to use. They are also quite affordable as they come down to only 4 or 5 cents per gram. Yes, it costs a little extra but the candle will last longer, which will give you your money’s worth down the lane.

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2) Increasing its Melting Point – A lot of candles use stearic acid to increase the melting point, which in turn increases longevity. The type of stearic acid to use will depend on whether you are using a paraffin wax candle or a soy wax one. For the former, you can use regular stearic acid and for the latter, palm stearic acid is a good option. Apart from this, there are also other popular additives you can use such as the Micro 180, which increases the melting point to 180 degrees.

3) Keep Them Covered – When it comes to unlit candles, the best thing to do is to ensure that they are never left in direct contact with sunlight. A lot of high-quality candles come in reusable boxes that you can store the candles in. This way, even if you forget and leave them outside, they will be safe from harsh sunlight. If it’s the rainy season, however, you need to either keep a glass jar over it or you can just store them inside safely.

How to Store Candles Properly?

Storing candles properly is one of the best ways to preserve their longevity. Even if the candles are made of solid wax, you should never keep them out in the open even if it’s inside your home. Over time, dust and other contaminants will stick to the candles and damage them. Ideally, you should always keep them stored in a dry and cool place. Here are a few ways in which you can properly store different types of candles.

1) Taper Candles – These candles always need to be kept flat so that they don’t get warped over time. You can use bubble wrap or durable tissue paper to cover them and lay them all down flat on the surface. Do remember to never keep other types of candles on top of these when storing them.

2) Pillar Candles – You can do the same with pillar candles by wrapping them in bubble wrap and laying them flat on the surface. Unlike taper candles, these are more durable so you can stack other candles on top and they won’t get deformed due to the weight.

3) Votive Candles – These are durable but they do tend to melt quickly. So, storing them in a cool environment is very important. You can use tissue paper to prevent dust from collecting on them while they lie in storage.

4) Tumbler and Jar Candles – Jar and tumbler candles come in containers and so storing them is very easy. Unlike other candles, you can just stack one on top of the other and as long as they are kept in a cold and dry environment, you will have nothing to worry about.


The key to preserving the life of a candle is to keep them protected against sunlight, dust, and other harmful contaminants. You should never light up a candle unless you are sure that you will be nearby until you extinguish it. This is not to say that you cannot leave the room but you need to keep them in a place where they can’t be knocked down accidentally. When it comes to taking care of unlit candles, all you have to do is protect them from moisture, heat, and dust and you will be able to enjoy them for as long as they last.

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