Will Candles Melt in a Hot Car & How to Prevent It?

There are many different uses of a candle today and a lot of people all over the world buy them regularly based on their needs. Scented candles come in a wide variety of fragrances making them one of the most popular types of candles. However, sometimes when you go out to buy them, you may accidentally leave them in your car afterward.

If you love candles, then the question of “Will candles melt in a hot car” may be one that you have asked yourself. The short answer is that yes, it will but the burning also depends on a variety of factors such as proximity to sunlight and the quality of the candle.

To know how candles react in different situations, it is important to know how they are made and why some of them are more prone to melting than others. Only with a broader understanding will you be able to take care of them properly.

Will Candles Melt in a Hot Car?

Will candles melt in a hot car how to prevent it

Yes, candles will melt in a hot car but there are many other things in play than the obvious reason. A better question to ask will be how much time you have before a candle starts melting in a car. To answer this, we need to look at two main factors. They are the temperature and the type of candle being used. Both factors play an equally important role in determining when the candle might start melting.

Generally, most wax candles have a melting point that falls in the range of 99 degrees to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. While the temperature inside a car may not always reach the end of the spectrum, it can go up to 170 degrees if it’s very hot outside. So if you are using a candle that has a low melting point, it will melt within 25 minutes of being in the car whereas those that have higher melting points will melt only after one and a half or two hours.

Another factor that leads to a candle melting is its size. A small candle will always melt faster than a bigger or heavier one. The type of candle is also important. Different types of candles such as a pillar candle or a tea light candle have different melting points. Last but not least, the packaging of the candle will also determine how fast it will melt. Those that come fully covered will last longer than ones that are exposed.

Factors That Influence Temperature inside a Car

We need to look at what factors lead to the temperature inside a car getting high enough to melt candles. You don’t need to worry about the candle melting when the AC is ON but forgetting the candle in a parked car is a whole different story. A candle can melt if you forget to turn ON the AC and roll your windows down while driving long distances. Here are some of the different factors that influence the inside temperature of a car.

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1)  Where is the Car Parked?

If it’s parked directly under the sun, then the temperature will gradually rise to the point where your candle will start melting. Sunlight amplifies the heat generated inside the car because it gets trapped inside because of the closed windows. Even if the car is parked in the shade, heat will still rise but at a much slower rate. So if your car is parked where there is no direct exposure to sunlight, you won’t have to worry too much but there is still a small chance of your candle melting.

2)  Is Your Car Window Tinted?

Another important factor to consider is the type of window tint you have. Some absorb sunlight whereas others reflect it. So if your window tint is of the former type, then expect the temperature to rise considerably faster than if you had the latter option.

3)  What is the Color of the Interior?

The color and type of your dashboard, upholstery, and seats all play an important role as well when it comes to the interior temperature of your car. Dark colors absorb light and therefore lead to the increased temperature inside. The darker the interior is, the hotter it will get. Sometimes, it can go as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Prevent Candles Melting Inside Your Car?

Here are a few ways in which you can prevent candles from melting inside your car.

  • The most obvious way is of course to never leave it in a parked car.
  • Always park your car in the shade. The bigger the shade, the better it will be.
  • Never keep your candles where it has direct exposure to sunlight such as near the glass.
  • Go for window tints that reflect sunlight rather than absorb it.
  • Always buy great quality candles with a high melting point.
  • If possible, keep the candles stored in a cardboard box inside your car so that even if you forget them, the chances of the candles melting will be very low.

Different Candle Wax and Their Melting Points

Let’s take a look at some of the popular candles today and their melting points.

  • High Melting Point (140F and above) – These candles usually come with additives like micro-crystals to prevent shrinkage and can be seen in pillar candles, cylindrical candles, carving candles, and others. However, these candles won’t have a lot of fragrance retention. Candles that use beeswax, granulated wax, gel, and votive wax are good examples of this type.
  • Mid-Range Melting Point (127F to 140F) – These are mostly container candles and votive candles. Their fragrance lasts longer than the above ones and they come with medium shrinkage. Cargill C3, Cargill C6, Container Wax, IGI1343 are all examples of this type.
  • Low Melting Point (126F and below) – These are exclusive to scented container candles mostly as they have the highest fragrance retention and low shrinkage. Normal paraffin wax candles also belong in this range. Golden 464, Soy Wax, Golden Wax Melt are all good examples of this type.
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The inside of a vehicle can get up to 170F. The melting point of most candles ranges from 126F-140F+. Therefore, it’s important to not leave your candles in the car because they WILL melt. Depending on the type, and size of the candle, it can take anywhere from 25 minutes to 2 hours for the candle to melt.

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