Can Candle Jars & Wax be Recycled?

If you have a used candle at home you may be wondering whether or not it can be recycled. There are a few things to consider before tossing your empty candle jars into the recycle bin.

Candle jars that are made of soda-lime can be recycled the same way you recycle other glass items. Any other type of glass, such as Borosilicate, cannot be recycled. Before recycling, make sure all the wax is removed completely as the wax is non-recyclable. Heat the candle for easy wax removal.

In this article, we will go more in-depth into why some candle jars are not recyclable and other ideas for reusing candle wax instead of throwing it away.

What is a Candle Jar Made of and can it be Recycled??

It’s important to understand, in general, candle jars are made up of one of two types of glass. The standard glass used is soda-lime. However, some companies prefer a more heat resistant glass for their candles so they use borosilicate.

Can Candle Jars & Wax be Recycled

Can Soda Lime & Borosilicate be Recycled?

If the glass used for the candle is anything other than soda-lime it cannot be recycled by conventional means. This is to protect the quality of the recycled glass and prevent damage to the machinery.

The melting point for different glass types varies. Mixing different types in a recycling batch will result in many complications. So, before throwing your empty candle jars in a recycle bin make sure it is made out of soda-lime glass.

How to tell what kind of glass the candle jar is made of?

If the glass material is not clearly marked on the container you may be able to find the answer on the company’s website. Otherwise, you can call their customer service and they should provide you with the correct information.

If they say the candle jar is made with “soda-lime” or “container glass” then you are good to go. If not, you may have to ask them if they have their own methods of recycling used candle jars. Some companies do and some don’t.

How to Recycle Candle jars with a Candle Company like Yankee Candle

One company I know of that offers a recycling program is Yankee candle. They are partnered with TerraCycle and offer a drop-off recycling program.

The process is very simple. You bring your jars to one of the 25 participating store locations, and then you are compensated with a $5 coupon for every five jars you recycle.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be close to a participating store. So, this won’t work for everyone.

It’s worth it to invest your time in researching whichever candle company you use the most. Figure out which materials they use for their jars and have a plan for recycling before purchasing.

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Can Candle Wax be Recycled?

If you’re wondering whether or not candle wax can be recycled, the quick answer is no, it can’t. For the most part, candle wax is to be thrown away. However, if you are looking to be more eco-friendly there are multiple ways candle wax can be reused and repurposed.

Ideas for Reusing Candle Wax at Home

Different candles have different wax that may not burn the same. Because of this, it’s important to keep wax from certain candle brands separate from others.

Reusing candle wax works but you might not get the best results. It’s best to use these for outdoor bucket candles or dipped candle torches. For these, the smell is less important than just having them burn for a long time.

Ideas for Reusing Candle Jars at Home

Make sure to thoroughly clean your candle jars before using them for other purposes. If you’re having trouble removing all the wax try heating them up to make it easier. A good way to do this is to stick the jar in boiling water.

These jars are great for storing smaller items such as pins and thread in your sewing room, or pens and pencils at your desk.

You could also store things like different ingredients and seasonings. However, some people report that it’s hard to remove the scent of the candle. This might be a problem if you’re looking to store things like spices inside.

Ultimately, the best way to reuse your Candle jar is to make your own candles at home. This is a great way to save money and it can be super fun!

Here’s a YouTube video if you’re wondering how to make your own candles at home:

Is it Worth it to Recycle Candles?

If you’re looking to be more eco-friendly it’s definitely worth it to recycle used candles. The glass can be used for multiple things, it could even be reused for another candle.

Tossing glass and wax in the trash isn’t helpful to the environment. If you love candles, a good idea is to learn how to reuse the wax and make your own candles at home.

Recycling and reusing candles can both help the environment and save you money at the same time. It’s definitely worth checking into!


It’s important to learn about recycling, and I’m happy people like you are looking up these kinds of questions. Unfortunately, not everything can be tossed in the recycle bin so it’s good to always make sure it’s okay before you do.

Soda-lime glass is the most common material used for glass containers such as with candles. For the most part, it’s safe to recycle them. Though, if the Candle jar is made of borosilicate then it can’t be recycled.

In this case, it’s best to reuse The Candle jar as well as the candle wax. The best way to reuse them is to, of course, make your own candle at home!

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