Why are Lamps So Ugly and How to Make Them Pretty?

Some lamps look very ugly and too boring to be placed inside a room. Why are lamps so ugly and how to make them look pretty? Here you can learn some simple ways to make lamps beautiful.

Why are Lamps so Ugly?

Lamps are ugly because there is a limited scope of beautification during their manufacturing process. There are delicate processes that lead to the production of these unique design elements. A right balance of material and light output is required to design a good lamp that provides enough light and suits the purpose, Therefore, lamps usually look ugly as they are not often decorated with additional beauty components. However, it is extremely easy and exciting to decorate a lamp at home.

How to Make Lampshades Pretty?

You can make ugly lampshades look pretty in several ways like decorating them and complementing them with other decorating elements like ornamental plants, old books and so on. Here are few ways to make monotonous lampshades look dramatic and magnificent.

  • Use Colorful Ribbons – Ribbons add rich color wherever they are used. Hence, you can use ribbons to highlight the periphery of the lampshades. You can revamp the old lampshade by pasting the ribbon over its entire surface area.
  • Paste some gold leaf – You can paste some gold leaf over the lampshade for a royal look in your room. There are two ways of decorating the lamp with gold leaf. One, you can cover the whole surface with a gold leaf. Two, you can paint the lampshade in a nice color that contrasts with the golden color like turquoise blue, green, pink, etc., and then paste the gold leaf in some portions.
  • Use wallpapers – Wallpapers are the easiest way of refurbishing an old and dingy lampshade. All you have to do is cut the wallpaper and paste it over the surface of the lampshade and let it dry. However, be sure to choose the right wallpaper that matches the overall theme of the room.
  • Paste buttons or paint with dots – Buttons can be used to decorate the edges of the lampshades. It is a great way to go for lamps in the kids’ room. Another way of redesigning an ugly lampshade is dot painting. For dot painting, you can use a pencil that has a rubber eraser at its top. Dip the eraser in the color of your choice and use it to put a dot on the lampshade. Go on making rows of such dots and you are done.

How to Decorate the Base of a Lamp?

The base of the lamps can sometimes be the most boring thing about them. In some places, generic lamps with simple bases may look classy and appealing, but they often need to be revamped and decorated to add more beauty to the room. Here are four easy yet marvelous ways of decorating the base of an ugly lamp.

  • Use spray paint – Spray paints are a super-easy way of painting and can be done by anyone. They add a pop of color, luster, and a sense of newness to the lamp base. You can use spray paints in case the existing paint is too dull or peeling off from the base. All you need to do is cover the lamp with masking tape except the base. Keep a piece of paper underneath the base of the lamp so that the spray paint doesn’t spoil the lamp or the floor. Scrub the dirt and dust from the surface of the lamp base using sandpaper and you are ready to paint.
  • Use stencils – Stencils are an easy way to create patterns and letters on the base of the lamp. This is a great idea for adding a personalized touch to the lamp. You can use stencils to draw flowers, hearts, or any design or write alphabets on the lamp base.
  • Ornament the lamps – Complementing the lamps with additional ornaments such as beads, tassels, shells, etc. is a unique way to build up a theme in the room. You can go with one kind of embellishment or use multiple types depending upon your choice. The best way to stick these elements to the lamp base is by using a hot glue gun. Keep in mind not to add too much as the base may look cluttered.
  • Use fabrics – Fabrics are another way to decorate the base of the lamp. You may choose any kind of fabric ranging from floral to patterns. You can also embellish the edges of the base using thin laces or beads.
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Rules for Making Lamps Pretty

While decorating lamps, certain rules help to enhance the decorum of the room. These rules are essential to add the right elements to the right spaces. Some of these rules are given below.

Why are Lamps So Ugly and How to Make Them Pretty
  1. Keep in mind the height of the lamp when you place it in your room. For example, a tall lamp should not be placed on a tall table. If the lamp is too short, support its base using a pile of thick books. This will not only increase the height of the lamp but also add creativity to your room.
  2. The shape of the lampshade should be taken into consideration while choosing lamps as per your desired look of the room. For example, tapered lampshades are known to add a classic touch to the room.
  3. Add enough contrast in the room to make it look great. Hence, the lampshades should have striking colors, textures and decorative elements that complement the existing decor of your home.
  4. While choosing the lampshades, look for shades that resemble the shapes of the lamp bases. For example, a rectangular lampshade on a rectangular lamp base looks extremely classic.
  5. It is not necessary to keep an exact symmetry while placing a pair of lamps on either side of any furniture elements in the room. You must rather pay attention to the height of the lamps. For example, if you decide to put lamps on both bedsides, you don’t have to opt for identical lamps. You can place two lamps that have the same height.


Lamps are ugly because they are mass produced to be cheap and efficient. You can pay a huge premium for a nice looking lamp or you can decorate your “ugly” lamps at home. It can be a fun and exciting project that costs a fraction of the price of a “fancy” lamp.

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