How To Hang Sconces Next To A Mirror

Sconces are one of the most classic lighting fixtures that every wall in your home needs. Aside from the fact that it’s still in style, many homeowners hang sconces because it provides direct light at eye level. This is important for the home areas that require you to stand for a long duration, such as beside the bathroom mirror or the front door. 

When hanging it next to a mirror, the sconces should be hung on the same level with your eyes/face at approximately 36″ to 40″ apart and not less than 1″ from the sides of the mirror. 

Now, many people tend to get it wrong when it comes to hanging sconces next to a mirror and that’s what we aim to correct in this guide. If you are looking for directions on how to properly hang your sconces, then keep scrolling for practical tips!  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sconces for Your Space

As an incredible tool for giving your home a facelift, sconces can also improve your mood and help your nerves relax. Whatever it is you want to achieve by hanging in any part of your home,  it is important that you first understand how to choose and hang them in your home. 

Below, we look at the different types of wall sconces, where they fit in your home, and installation tips you need to know. 

1. Style 

Style is probably the first thing to consider when buying anything, especially when it has to do with interior design. In reality, everyone would love to have a wall light that fits their home decor and personal style. 

What do you want your sconce to look like? Let’s see some popular options below:

  • Retro
  • Contemporary
  • Art Decor
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Industrial
  • Transitional

To choose sconces that match a particular style you love, pay attention while browsing through your numerous options. 

2. Size and Number

Usually, it’s difficult to find sconces that independently provide adequate light in a room. That’s why you must think about the number of sconces as that will suit your space before shopping. 

Figuring out the sconces’ size and number helps you determine the quality of brightness these lights will emit as well as the number you can afford to buy. 

Also, take some time to get the right measurements of the space(s) you want to install the sconces in and compare the dimensions obtained with the exact sizes of the sconces you’re considering buying. 

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If you’re so concerned about the size of the sconces, then you might want to avoid anything that points you towards shopping online. That’s because it’s easier to make mistakes this way as pictures may not capture what you want. Or, to be on the safe side, always look out for the measurements written in the specs to ensure it matches with your actual consideration. 

3. Material

The type of material the sconces are produced from lets you get a feel of their quality and general look in your home. For example, iron, brass, and wood are best used for light fixtures while fabric, plastic, and glass are common choices for the sconces shades. 

Most times, when a sconce is mounted, the possibility of it going through wear and tear is low. This means that regardless of the material a wall sconce is made of, you can count on it to last for a long period. 

4.  Room and Placement

You can find wall sconces in the hallways and bathroom to provide light in outdoor spaces. The area of your home that you plan to hang the sconces on, to a large extent, determines the type of sconces you decide to buy – does it fit well? Is it stylish enough? Answering these questions will guide you better. 

Knowing the exact location you want to pull the sconces on allows you to get an accurate measurement of the area. It also helps you to compare sizes to the ones you will find in the store to be sure of your decision. 

5. Ease of Installation

After purchasing the sconces, one of the next things to do is to install them in the area you already mapped out. While the general look of your sconces may be good, you may instantly start to second-guess your choice if the installation process is tedious. 

Once you start shopping for sconces, mention to your supplier that you need one that’s quite easy to handle. If it’s an online purchase, you might want to go through the product’s reviews and see what their clients are saying. 

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How Much Space Should Be Between Mirror and Sconces?

When it comes to deciding the distance between the sconces and the mirror, a lot of people get confused. Typically, you need the sconces to be as close as possible. Else, the point of hanging them will be lost. 

Though you might love the lights to be close to the mirror, you also don’t want to crowd the space. 

The ideal distance to existing between the sconces and the mirror shouldn’t be less than 1 inch. However, the shape and size of your sconce and mirror will determine the most appropriate distance. 

How Do I Hang Sconces Next To A Mirror?

It’s possible to hang your sconces without needing the assistance of a professional. But, before we discuss that, below are the necessary tools to have for a successful installation process:

  • Drywall Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measure
  • Safety Glasses
  • Electrical Box
  • Wire
  • Wire Nuts
  • Connectors
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Now, how do you hang sconces next to a mirror? Here’s how:

Step 1: Run Cable

The first thing to do is turn off the power that leads to the circuit. Using a voltage tester, make sure that the power is entirely off. 

Proceed to mark the area you plan to place the sconces’ junction boxes. 

Step 2: Install the Junction Boxes

The junction box is the most important part of the installation process as it helps the light to function. They come in either plastic or metal boxes that protect the electrical wires and connections. 

If you’re confused about how to go about it, contact an expert electrician to assist you. The professional will recommend the suitable wires that will suit the sconces and also help you to structure it better. 

Step 3: Measure the Width of the Mirror

We recommend that you use a 30″ wide mirror. That way, you will have an extra 9 inches on both sides to hand the sconces. You can use a 48 inches width mirror if you wish to hang your sconces on the mirror. 

Usually, the sconces are meant to be placed between the end of your vanity and the edge of your mirror frame.  

Step 4: Precut the Holes

This step also requires the expertise of a professional mirror installer. He or she will have to measure the exact spot where the junction boxes are installed and then precut the holes before hanging the mirror. Once the mirror has been installed, you can choose to add its frames. 

Step 5: Hold the Sconces Against the Wall

Next, pick one of the sconces and specifically pin it on the wall you have chosen to hang it on. Ensure to pin it at the perfect height so you don’t have regrets later. 

Again, pick a second piece of the sconce and place it on the wall to mark the height again. Now, take out the first piece; do the same for the second piece and mark it at 60cm.

Step 6: Get A Spirit Level And Hang It From A Cord

The fifth step is to ensure that your sconces are properly adjusted. If you have a very tall mirror, then keep adjusting until it’s purely horizontal with the spirit level holding it up. 

Step 7: Mark the Spot

In this step, you’re to mark the point where you intend to screw. Doing this will help the scones to perfectly fit once you hang them next to your mirror. 

Step 8: Take out the Paper Template

This is where you get rid of any of the rough edges and ensure that the surface of the sconces is perfect for painting. Even if you won’t be painting, always make sure that the surface is smoothened.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to make the most out of the narrow spaces beside your mirror? Then, wall sconces are probably your best bet. These shiny lighting structures help to Illuminate tour hallways, bathrooms, and some tight spots in your space.   

In addition, they can make a boring wall instantly attractive. As mentioned in this guide, the ideal placement for wall sconces is on the sides of your mirror; in your bedroom. We’ve also gone on to provide step-by-step instructions on how you can swiftly go about this process!

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On average, it takes approximately two to three hours to finish up everything that has to do with wall sconces installation, from running the cables to installing the junction boxes to finally installing the wall sconces.  

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