5 Best Rope Lights for the Deck

Finding the right rope lights for your deck may sound like a daunting task given how many different products are out there online. However, you can simplify your whole buying process by breaking it down into smaller steps and find the right rope light a lot faster.

The 5 best rope lights for the deck are:

  1. Lightning Ever Store (Yellow)
  2. Areful
  4. Lightning Ever Store (clear)
  5. Shine Decor Store

What to Look For in Rope Lights for the Deck?

5 Best Rope Lights for the Deck

When it comes to buying rope lights for your deck, there are a few things you need to keep in mind such as

  • Waterproof – Any light you put out on your deck needs to have a good amount of water resistance. You should always check for the IP rating when you go through your favorite picks and only buy ones that can effortlessly work when exposed to water.
  • Length – Always measure the size of your deck to figure out the best rope lights for your lighting needs. Often, people either overestimate or underestimate the length they require and end up wasting their money.
  • Colors and Feature – Some rope lights come only with a single color whereas others either come with multiple colors or allow you to pick a specific color. Some have remote controls with upwards of 30 buttons whereas others come with only limited features.

To ensure you get the most value out of your purchase, here are the 5 best rope lights for your deck.

The 5 Best Rope Lights for a Deck:

1. Lightning Ever Store – Great for Big Decks

If you have a big deck and are looking for an LED rope light to light up the place, then this one is worth checking out. It features a total length of 33 feet, built-in LED copper wire string lights, a UL certified adapter, simple plug-in functionality and an IP65 rating.

It comes only in 1 color but is bright enough for most lighting needs thanks to the 240 LED bulbs placed 1.6 inches apart from one another. You can connect a maximum of 3 rope lights which will extend the length to 99 feet.

With its IP65 rating, you can use it outdoors without any worry as it will be able to withstand rain and snow very well. It’s also very easy to use as all you have to do is plug it into a socket and turn it ON.

Quite long and can be extended to a maximum of 99 feetNo color options
Versatile enough for different lighting setups
Good quality construction

If you’re interested, check the price on Amazon!

2. Areful – Multi Colored Lights for Medium-Sized Decks

This one is targeted towards those who have a medium-sized deck and are looking for a multi-colored LED rope light for some awesome decorative or mood lighting. It features a total length of 16.4 feet, 150 LED bulbs, a remote control, multi-color functionality and an IP44 rating.

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Where this one shines is in its ability to provide colored lighting. You can choose from any of the 8 available static colors or select any of the automated sequences to get any type of lighting you need. You can even increase or decrease the speed of the color-changing as per your requirements or change the brightness whenever you want.

It is well protected against water splashing from all sides and solid objects bigger than 1mm. The remote control doesn’t have any protective covering against water and so will get damaged if you use it outside while it’s raining.

Great color customizationNo protective cover for the remote control
Extendable (maximum of four units)
Easy to use remote control

If you’re interested, check the price on Amazon!

3. HAHOME – Best Value Multi-Colored Lights

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to multi-colored rope lighting, then this one might be what you are looking for. It comes with a length of 80 feet, 240 LED bulbs, 1 basic set with 2 extension ropes, an IR remote, multi-color functionality and an IP68 rating.

The rope light features 16 colors, 4 lighting modes, four-speed levels and a timer allowing you to customize the lighting as per your needs. The IP68 rating makes it great to use outdoors even if there is rain, dust or snow.

You can also connect up to a maximum of 5 units together and extend it to a maximum of 200 feet which is more than enough for any domestic need one may have. All you need to do is screw the connector on the extension cord into the plug and then connect each unit end to end and use a sealing cap at the end.

A ton of customization optionsToo many keys on the remote control
Amazing value for money
Extendable up to 200 feet

If you’re interested, check the price on Amazon!

4. Lightning Ever Store – Most Affordable Option with Clear Lights

If you are looking for an affordable, clear rope light for your deck, then this one might be the perfect one for you. It comes ina total length of 33 feet with 100 LED bulbs, 8 lighting modes, timer functionality and an IP65 rating.

Visually, these thin LED rope lights provide very impressive lighting thanks to the different modes such as waves, combination, slow fade, steady one and others. The LEDs are quite bright and illuminate the area around them without straining one’s eyes.

Once started, the lights will automatically go on to 6 hours on and 18 hours off cycle. So, if you unplug the lights and then plug them again, do remember to reset the timer. With an IP65 rating for the lights and an IP44 rating for the power adapter, you can use it outdoors no matter what the climatic conditions are.

Great flexibilityNo option for thicker rope lights
Very affordable price point
Useful features

If you’re interested, check the price on Amazon!

5. Shine Decor Store – Premium LED Neon Lights

If you love neon LED lighting and want to have a great quality premium rope light for your deck, then you might want to check this one out. It features a total length of 50 feet, 5 color options, 100 dimmable LED bulbs, amazing brightness and an IP65 rating.

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Although it may be a tad bit expensive, it can help you to get commercial level quality lighting to your doorstep. With 100 3000K LED bulbs, they not only create a very cool neon effect but also illuminate the nearby area with a beautiful glow.

You can also cut it at every 1.64 feet along the printed marks to customize it as per your need. You can also choose from five different color options and five different sizes. With a long lifespan of 50,000 hours and extremely well made PVC material, this one is also built to last.

Great quality lightsA bit pricey
Solid construction
Can be cut and easily installed

If you’re interested, check the price on Amazon!


Finding the right rope light for your deck may seem like a complicated task but if you list down various aspects or features you are looking for, it becomes quite simple. All you have to do is a little bit of research online and you can find that perfect rope light for your specific needs.

If I had to choose my favorite rope light for my deck it would have to be the Shine Decor Store. These are high quality, beautfil lights but you will pay a premium for them.

If you’re on a budget, definitely go for the HAHOME. They are an excellent choice if you want the best bang for your buck and not break the bank. Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong with choosing anything on this list.

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