Can You Cut Govee LED Lights?

Govee LED lights are unusual lighting fixtures that offer illumination in both domestic and business environments. This form of lighting is special in that it brings color and beauty to a room in your house that was once dull.

Like other LED lights, they are effective and affordable. Regardless of a user’s lack of lighting installation experience, they are also simple to install.

The remaining parts of this article will guide you to determine if you can cut your Goove LED lights, how to do so and how to connect your Govee LED light for usage after cutting. Let’s dive in!

Can You Cut Govee LED Lights?

Can You Cut Govee LED Lights?

Yes, you can cut Govee LED lights. However, it depends on the particular type you buy. Although the majority of LED lights are made to be flexible and put in preferred methods, including being cut to a required length, you must always ask your vendor to confirm that you are buying a good brand.

About Govee LED Lights

Outstanding LED lights from Govee can fulfill your illumination needs. They are a suitable option on a scale of effectiveness. A Govee LED light functions excellently by illuminating your room with vibrant colors to change the ambiance and lift the mood in your space.

They also come in a variety of stunning colors, giving you plenty of alternatives to achieve fantastic effects. Fulfillment can be realized by purchasing a Govee LED lamp for that area of your home where you require hip and distinctive illumination.

Can I Cut The Govee LED Light To My Desired Length?

If you read the entire text before arriving here, you must have realized that you can cut your Govee LED light as long as your vendor has given you assurances to that effect.

The Govee LED lights can likewise be cut to the desired size. However, there seems to be a twist in that the light is made to be cut in specific places.

Paying attention to details will help you identify the Govee LED light’s margins that should not be surpassed when cutting the light.

You must make sure that your scissors pass through the middle of the copper-like markings that distinguish the sequence of LEDs on these Govee LED lights. You are good to go if your desired length fits within.

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How To Cut The Govee LED Lights

You wouldn’t want to use the incorrect technique while cutting your Govee LED bulbs because it can destroy the operation in just one go. 

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For this reason, before starting to cut the Govee LED lights, you must have the appropriate guide. This step-by-step guide will assist you in cutting the Govee LED bulbs.

1. Measure The Length Of Your Govee LED Light

To determine how long you want your Govee LED light to be, you must measure the length of the LED light. You will be installing the light in a designated space. To ensure complete coverage, it is always a good idea to add an extra length.

You never know when you might need it. You can take it a step further and measure the area where you wish to put the light. You will need a tape measure or a ruler to determine the length of your Govee LED light.

2. Locate The Appropriate Cut Markings

Most Govee LED lights come with copper chip dots located at the back of the strip. This is the element that connects the LEDs on the strip, arranged in pairs between two copper chip dots.

You are only permitted to cut between the copper chip dots to separate them If you accidentally go beyond this specific place. 

It is possible that the light could stop working or that only a few of the LEDs will turn on. To keep track of them while cutting, you should take note of this before you start cutting. You could also mark it in some way.

3. Cut The Govee LED Light

Finally, you have reached the main goal of this process, which can be accomplished with the aid of a pair of scissors. To prevent falling while cutting the light, you need scissors that snugly fit between your fingers. 

When you have made sure of this, cut through the proper markings in between the copper dots. Now, the task has been completed.

How To Connect Govee LED Lights After Cutting It?

This is an important phase after the process of cutting Govee LED lights, it is here that you will learn whether or not your Govee LED light will function. Let’s look at how to attach the light after cutting it, which also requires a necessary instrument.

1. Affix your Govee LED Light To A Connector

Before cutting your Govee LED light, you should have the connector ready. Two wirings, one red and the other black are included with this connector.

These are the spots where your Govee LED light will connect to the connector; you will use this method to attach the light to the connector.

A negative and positive connection is indicated on the Govee LED light, and then, the red and black wires correspond to the positive and negative points, respectively.

2. Connect Both Parties To The Main Power Source

To obtain the desired result, you must expose the back of your Govee LED light to reveal the copper chips at the back. You must also remove the black bar that is holding your connector closed before inserting the edge of your LED light into the connector.

Once you have done that, pull the black bar on top of them to keep them attached. Finally, using the same black and red wiring mode, plug your connector into your power supply. Now, your Govee LED lights ought to turn on.

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Final Thoughts

The first important tip for cutting your Govee LED lights is to make sure they can be cut. Following this realization, the remaining steps of the process are quite straightforward. A thorough guide will make the task simple. This article has been created just for that.

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