Is it Safe to Leave a Candle Warmer On All Night?

Scented candles have won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. With several appealing fragrances, there is a candle to suit everyone’s mood. If you are somebody who uses scented candles that are kept in glass jars or similar eye-catchy containers, it is worth investing in a candle warmer as well.

Is it Safe to Leave a Candle Warmer ON All Night

The candle warmer must ideally be kept in the same room as the scented candle for best results. Most present-day candle warmers operate using electricity and often feature an auto-cutoff function.

A candle warmer works by melting the wax inside the candle and spreading the scent around through its inbuilt fan. This fan ensures that the fragrance is spread or distributed uniformly around the room. The key advantage of this warmer is that there is no open flame that produces soot and/or triggers a fire.

Most candle warmers can be on for up to 10 hours straight so it would be safe to leave them on overnight. However, most candles only last 6 hours before needing to be replaced. While it may be safe to leave a candle warmer on overnight, there are some things to watch out for such as overheating and trip hazards from wires.

Since there is no open flame, it is only natural for one to wonder whether it is safe to leave it ON all night. While the obvious answer may seem to be a Yes, there are equally good reasons why you shouldn’t do so.

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Leave a Candle Warmer On Overnight

Here are some reasons why you should avoid having a candle warmer on overnight for your own safety:

1 .Overheating

A candle warmer left ON for a long period or all night can get overheated. One of the most common reasons why a candle warmer gets overheated is because of some other object around it that blocks the flow of air around it. Even incorrect positioning of the warmer such that there is no possibility of air circulation around it can trigger the overheating.

Often, it is the hot plate that gets affected the most. When you touch such a candle warmer, you run the risk of burning yourself. Alternatively, if the hot plate becomes very hot, the glass candle jar may crack or the wax in the candle may start bubbling. There is also a chance that both these problems can occur at the same time.

2. Trip hazard

A candle warmer often has a long wire fitted to it. This comes in handy if the table on which you keep the warmer is at a considerably large distance from the wall with the electrical outlet into which the candle warmer is plugged. However, when it is kept ON all night, there are chances you may not notice the cord at night if you do not have a night lamp in the room. As a result, you may trip on the cord and get hurt.

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3. Electrical wire damage

The wire inside the cord gets heated when the candle warmer is activated. If the warmer is left ON for an unreasonably long time, the wire will get excessively heated and eventually melt, paving way for a short circuit. This is often not a problem with a new candle warmer. However, with older or pre-used ones, it is not uncommon to experience this. So, you must always check the cord to see that there is no damage. 

4. Smoke from the candle

When the candle warmer is left ON overnight and the scented candle is burning continuously, the flame from the candle can produce strong smoke that overrides the scent produced. This can pose a health hazard, especially to people with respiratory problems.

5. Electrocution

This is another major threat with a candle warmer that is ON all night. If there are water spills on the floor or the table with the electric cord lying on it accidentally, you may electrocute yourself if you happen to touch it. For the same reason, you must never keep the candle warmer in places such as a bathroom, a kitchen countertop, or a sink where it can come in contact with water.

How long can you leave a candle warmer ON?

Now that you know the perils of leaving a candle warmer ON all day, the next question you should ask yourself is how long it can be kept ON. There is no definite answer to this question. The actual duration supported by your candle warmer depends on its model and the heat produced by the candle.

Most manufacturers claim that their candle warmers can be left turned ON continuously for ten hours. However, it is always advisable that you check the packaging to understand the length of time you can use it continuously. This will help you save yourself from the risks mentioned earlier.

The fragrance of most scented candles lasts for only a maximum of up to six hours. Once the scent wears off, you will have to replace the candle. This replacement must be done only after turning the candle warmer OFF for your own safety. So, this is often the maximum time duration you will often have it ON continuously.


Having an electric candle warmer is undoubtedly a blessing for scented candle lovers. It leaves them free from the worry of the dangers of an open flame. However, like with any electrical appliance, you must operate it with caution to get the best result. For instance, if you have kids or pets around, you must leave the candle warmer out of their reach so that they do not knock it down accidentally.

Ensure that you do not exceed the maximum operating hours specified by the manufacturer. Once this limit is reached, turn your candle warmer OFF so that it cools down. You might want to opt for a warmer that comes with the auto cutoff functionality to avoid the hassle of having to remember to do so yourself.

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